Simple Side Satchel (for 18″ Dolls)

To make this satchel you will need the following:

(1) 4.5″ x 6″ Felt Remnant (thick felt works best/wool felt)

(1) 2.5″ x 3.5″ Felt Remnant (thick felt works best/wool felt)

(1) 12″ piece of 3/8″ ribbon

(1) 1/2″ button

all purpose thread

Note: In this tutorial, I’m using brightly colored thread so you can easily see my stitches. But, you will want to choose a thread that closely matches your fabric.  This will keep your stitches from showing and make for a prettier project!

Step 1: Attaching the flap

Pin the smaller rectangle to the larger rectangle.  Make sure you center it along one of the short ends.  It should overlap about 1/2″ onto the large rectangle.  Like this:

Step 2: Sewing the flap

Using a basic straight stitch, sew two rows of stitching from the top of the flap to the bottom.  It should look like this when you’re done:

Step 3: Buttonhole

Along the end of the flap, fold down 1″ and make a small cut for the buttonhole opening.

Step 4: Side seams

Fold the large rectangle in half, matching side edges evenly.  Like this:

Pin the side seams using straight pins or clips, like this:

Now sew along the side seams, making sure you back-tack at the beginning and end of your seams.

Step 5: Ribbon Strap

You’re almost finished!  But, if you need to take a break, go grab a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top!

This step is pretty easy.  Taking your 12″ ribbon, pin one end to the left side seam area and the other end to the right side seam area.  Like this:

Using a straight or zigzag stitch, simply tack the ends of the ribbon, like this:

Step 6: Flip pretty side out

Flip your bag “pretty side out” and hand-sew the button onto the front of the purse.

And that’s it, congratulations on making your simple side satchel!



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