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Since it’s gift-giving season, I wanted to provide you with a sewing gift guide for your budding sewist!  There are many great products on the market right now, but these are my favorites for young beginners especially.  We use most of these tools in the studio as well, so if your daughter is a student at Thimble Bee’s Sewing School, she will already be familiar with most of the items below.



Brother CS-6000i

I can’t say enough about this machine.  In my opinion, its the BEST machine on the market right now for beginners.  It comes loaded with features and priced at just $145 on Amazon.  A few of my favorite features are the quick set bobbin, speed control, needle up/down button, walking foot, and expandable sewing table.  Plus, free two-day shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member.


IKEA Micke Desk

If you wish to create a sewing nook for your daughter the Micke desk from IKEA is a great choice.  IKEA is my go to store for sewing nook goods. Their MICKE furniture line is the perfect fit, especially if you have limited space.  They even offer a few options to customize the desk.  I like having a drawer or two for storage and a few shelves if possible.  The MICKE desk pictured above is a great deal too, just $79.99.


Oliso Iron

A high quality iron is a must have tool when it comes to sewing.  (Please make sure your child is always being supervised when using an iron.)  Speak with anyone in the “sewing world” and most will agree that Oliso products are by far the best on the market.  Aside from it’s quality, the reason I LOVE this iron is the Smart Touch technology.  The scortchguards will lift when you touch the iron and lower when you release preventing scortching and burns.


Heat Resistant Glove

For an added layer of safety, it’s not a bad idea to have one of these on hand.  I’ve only been able to find “one size fits all”, so they may be a little baggy for most children.  However, it will eliminate any chance of burning little fingertips.  If I run across a child/teen’s size, I will update this post with the new link.


Gingher 8″ Featherweight Dressmaking Shears

You will also want to invest in a quality pair of dressmaking shears.  For young sewists, my favorite model is Gingher’s Featherweight Dressmaking Shears.  They weigh in at only 2 ounces, so they’re lightweight and perfect for small hands.   A great buy for $14.98 on Amazon.


Tulips Bobbin Storage

I starting using Tulips in the studio this past August and they’ve been a fave among our students.  They come in bright colors, so they’re cute and functional.  Each pack comes with a metal chain.   We purchased some of the Command brand adhesive clips and attached one to the side of each machine.  Then we were able to hang the Tulips on the hook for easy access.  These are so much fun to use and affordable at $9.99 on Amazon.


Evergreen Craft Clips

Manipulating straight pins can be very challenging for beginners, not to mention they can be a little dangerous if not used properly. My suggestion is to use Evergreen Craft Clips.  Super easy to use, just pinch to open, put in place, and release to close.  Another studio favorite!


Sewing Machine Needles

You will to have plenty of Universal needles or Sharps sewing machine needles on hand.  This package fits Brother machines and comes with a variety of needle sizes.  It’s a good habit to change the needle each time you begin a new project.


Masking or Washi Tape

Sounds crazy, I know.  But, you will want to provide a roll of masking tape for your young sewist.  Washi tape comes in bright colors and works well too.  Tapes are great to use to mark the seam allowance on the base plate of the sewing machine.  This makes it easier on the eyes when aligning the raw edge of fabric with the seam allowance marking.  $4.30 on Amazon

The following notions are necessities for any sewing kit:


Clover Seam Gauge


Measuring Tape


Clover Hot Ruler Press Perfect – Amazon $19.95


Clover Chalk Marker


Fabric Marking Pen


Coats and Clark All-Purpose Thread


Seam Ripper

Even though this model is considered a large seam ripper, it’s still one of my favorites for young beginners.  The fat handle and rubberized texture makes it easy for little hands to grip.  These are super sharp, so please make sure to supervise your child during use.




Fabric Turning Tools




Fiskars Rotary Set

I wouldn’t suggest purchasing one of these Rotary Sets for young children, as rotary cutters are very sharp.  However, for an older teen or adult these tools make straight cutting a cinch.  Plus the quilting ruler is great for marking seam allowances and cutting lines.  A great deal for $22 on Amazon.




Sewing School by: Amie Petronis

This is such a great resource full of adorable projects.  Easy to follow instructions for young readers.  On Amazon for $10.17


Sew Zoey Box Set – Amazon Prime $22.56

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Gift Certificate Sample Only

We would LOVE to have your little sewist join us at the studio.  We offer weekly classes, monthly workshops, and seasonal camps for children 7-16.  Thimble Bee’s Sewing School {Gift Certificates} are available in amounts of $25.  Order below!



I hope you find this guide helpful on your search for the perfect gift for your favorite sewist!  Do you have a favorite sewing related gift idea?  Mention it in the comments below!

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